Carrie Bradshaw Was Right

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I’ve written in my blog. After careful consideration, I’ve decided I want to steer this website in to a slightly different direction. While the concept of this blog will still remain, I want to add a more personal touch to my posts (i.e. share my daily thoughts on topics other than feminism–although, what better topic to discuss than feminism amiright or amiright?).

Not to worry though–I’m still a Feminist. And I still have a whole lot of Attitude.

Perhaps the reason for this change has been the many seasons of Sex and the City I’ve been binge-watching the last three months (Carrie Bradshaw simply looks too good in her NY apartment sitting on her desk typing away). But perhaps it’s because I’ve come to an age where cluelessness is the norm. Indecisiveness takes the lead. And insecurity overshadows me.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 2.49.59 PM.png

Elina –

Hence, why I’m here to share this with all of you.

There is not one day I don’t think about what I want to do in life, where I want to be a year from now, how my past experiences can lead me to future endeavors, whether I’m contributing to life at all–be it even on a small scheme, etc. etc. etc.

The reality is, I’m completely and utterly clueless about who I want to be in this world let alone how I’m going to get there. Quite frankly, I’m sick of posts that read “Do what makes you happy.” “Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.” “Life is short. Live every minute of it.”

  • First of all, If I knew what made me happy I would obviously already be doing it.
  • Second of all, I have no perception of the person that I want to be, because if I did, I would unquestionably be on the path to becoming that person already.
  • Third of all, there’s no way people live by these quotes, I mean, do they actually go “Yeah, you know what. Life is short. And I will live every minute of it.” Do a bunch of letters put together to form a sentence really trigger change in someone? Because if it generally does, why don’t I feel triggered?

Trust me, the passion is there. It’s the outlet I’m missing that deprives me of having my passion seen. Or maybe it’s just me holding myself back? Maybe I’m not listening to my subconscious.

Maybe Carrie Bradshaw was right.

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”

And that’s because we are constantly evolving and learning new things about ourselves: our likes (or in my case, dislikes), pet peeves, favorite ice cream flavor (hazelnut), music genre (rap), etc. There’s so much to you as an individual that you have to have a certain level of self-awareness to recognize your feelings, understand why you feel them, and ultimately get to a point where you’re able to fully embrace them–be it positive or negative. Once you’ve found yourself, you’ll find your true calling. But it doesn’t happen overnight. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of hard work, what I’m meant to be doing in life will ultimately find me. THAT I believe.

How do you deal with your inner partner? Are you fulfilled?





Let’s Be “Radical” & Celebrate #WomensDay


In a world full of patriarchy and misogyny, I am trying to surround myself with individuals that empower me, motivate me, and only strengthen my values for the better.

Today is International Women’s Day, and for some odd reason, as a woman, I don’t feel excited nor do I feel empowered.

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I feel as though some sort of petty energy is going around in this world. Do you feel it? It makes people want to judge every step you take, criticize you about your looks, and give you advice that doesn’t actually benefit you in any way—and all this with a fake smile.

We have a president who thrives off of sexually harassing women, a first lady who has not yet come to the realization that she may perhaps be in an abusive relationship, and a system that aims to intimidate trans kids.

Where does that leave us?

It leaves us with nothing but fake friendships, ingenuine smiles, and a heavy heart.

Why, as time passes, are we women taught to not be happy for one another, to not want to see each other progress, to constantly have to compete with each other?

We live in a society where we are constantly pushed to compete with ourselves and the people around us. But when are we taught to love, to care, to be there for one another? To respect each other and our values, what we stand for, who we want to be?

Not to judge each other based on what jeans you’re wearing, what make-up you prefer, who you’re dating and other superficial factors that have no place in feminism.

For International Women’s Day, I choose to be open-minded, inclusive, and non-judgmental. I choose to let girls and women know that they are beautiful, that they have a certain strength that nobody can take away from them, that resistance is beautiful if it means that you are standing up for women’s rights everywhere.

Let’s keep jealousy and envy out of the equation—it only contaminates our soul and society.

For Women’s Day, I dare to be radical, to go out and compliment other girls and women. Tell them they’re beautiful, but most importantly, tell yourself you are beautiful.

Be you. And let others be themselves.

Let’s celebrate mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, lovers, housewives, teachers, strippers, lawyers, beyoncés, presidents, nurses, soldiers, and MORE..

The World’s First Feminist Government: Welcome to Sweden!

Have you recently been on Sweden’s official government page? If not, you probably should take a look at it.

The government’s website presents a group photo of Swedish government officials featuring women and men, with the headline “A Feminist Government”.

But what exactly does a “Feminist Government” entail? If you look closely and do a little bit of research on former projects carried out by the Swedish government, you will quickly notice that gender equality is the government’s priority throughout all policy-making decisions.

A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad front, both nationally and internationally. Women and men must have the same power to shape society and their own lives. This is a human right and a matter of democracy and justice. Gender equality is also part of the solution to society’s challenges and a matter of course in a modern welfare state – for justice and economic development.

Literally every aspect of Sweden’s form of governing is shaped by feminist ideology: the belief that both men and women deserve the same social, economic, and political opportunities. Their foreign policy comprises of gender equality as a prerequisite to reaching peace deals and strengthening their foreign policy goals.

When looking at Sweden’s overall success as a nation, one can clearly see that women’s presence and participation in the government is crucial to ensuring peace and sustainability within a country.

Here are some facts on how Sweden’s feminist implementation into government has helped the country stand out through its successes:

  • Sweden has among the EU’s lowest levels of national debt, low and stable inflation, and a healthy banking system (source)
  • It has the highest standard of living anywhere
  • Sweden ranks number 11 as the most productive nation (source) 
  • It has one of the lowest annual rates of road deaths in the world due to its successful infrastructure system (source)

AND, not only is the Swedish government intelligent, sufficient, and forward-thinking, but they happen to have a great sense of humor, too! Check out this photo that Isabella Lovin (Sweden’s deputy Prime Minister) posted on her Facebook a couple days ago:


The photo shows the deputy PM signing a law while surrounded by her female colleagues. If anyone saw the photo of Trump signing an executive order to ban federal money going to international groups that provide individuals with information on abortions, all whilst surrounded by men, one can draw serious similarities (one of which is more horrifying).


Irregardless of humor, Sweden is a model government and its governmental strategies should serve as a roadmap for ALL nations.

What do you all think about Sweden’s form of governing?

Would love to hear your thoughts/answer any questions!



Women’s March: The Future is Female

I just wanted to share some long overdue photos from the Women’s March in DC with you all. It was such an incredible turnout. D.C. was filled with like-minded, loving, kind individuals that came together to have their voices heard.

16142863_10210577291602158_1612845706469720719_n.jpgGetting to the city that day took me about two and a half hours with the metro system filled with hundreds of individuals at each station.




Whether you were a woman, a man, gay, white, black, or a unicorn, the Women’s March brought together people from all walks of life to march for their basic human rights. To me personally, the March wasn’t about hate, nor was it about opposing a certain individual accused of denigrating the dignity of women.



This March to me was a sign that female power and female unity still exist. All the barriers our female ancestors faced and overcame were not for nothing. Misogyny is still a real threat to many of us and as women, we need to stand up together to have our core values respected and protected. Only we can positively influence our future by not allowing hate to prevail, but rather, to stand together in solidarity and fight for our fundamental rights as humans on this planet.

With that said, if there’s one thing the Women’s March proved to the entire world, it’s that…



Comments? Please share, I’d love to hear!


Feminist with Attitude


Haters Gonna Hate…

I’ve been receiving a lot of hate comments regarding my blog. Apparently, standing up for a cause you truly believe in can offend thousands of people out there (shocker). So, because I’m quite disgusted by some of the (anonymous) comments I’ve been receiving, I thought I would share some of them with you and see what you think:

“What you believe for and fight for is not only an illusion…it’s simply wrong to begin with.”

“Aw, feminist trying to justify and rationalize her feminist views…how cute”

“Bitch, I don’t even have to say anything. TRUMP WON”

I want people to know that I did not create this blog to comply with my haters’ comments and suggestions. This is an open space I created to share my thoughts, criticize actions I disagree with, and suggest ideas that empower the feminist movement. I am not trying to push my opinions onto anyone, nor do I expect anyone to agree with everything I have to say. By creating this blog, I want to discuss gender discrimination and violence against women worldwide to ultimately argue that, in order to reach full equality of all genders, we NEED TO FIRST ADDRESS these issues. NOT turning a blind eye to the many women who suffer from domestic violence, mental and physical abuse, sexual harassment, etc. in the hands of others.

I’m not here to satisfy my readers by downplaying my beliefs and values as a feminist. I’m also not here to force you to believe in the things I have to say. I’m here because I think in order to create change, you need to first create a platform where that change can be discussed. I want everyone to join me in discussing identity, privilege, and systemic oppression.

With the current political and social changes happening internationally, I’m not surprised that hate has prevailed. Bullies are and always will be out there, trying to hold onto that one tiny strand of your vulnerability, hoping to discourage and intimidate you. But here’s a newsflash: You cannot and definitely will not silence the millions of feminists out there who are fighting for a cause that aims to put an end to gender bias and strives for the equality of all individuals living on this planet.

With Love,

Feminist With Attitude

P.S. I chose the GIF above because it accurately reflects my emotions and also because Snow White looks like me doing the Kurdish dance.