Why is society scared of strong, opinionated women?


I went to a private High School where, more often than not, I was criticized for having opinions that were deemed  “too extreme” by many of my classmates. “It’s just, she has very strong opinions about certain things.” And yeah, I do. I have strong opinions on equality, because I think we still live in a white man’s world. And yes, I have strong opinions on the role of women in society, because I think we’ve been deprived of our dreams and goals for too long. I have strong opinions on employment, because I don’t think a woman has to fear getting pregnant because her boss may or may not lay her off.

If you haven’t caught my drift, I have strong opinions on women’s rights because, when you have overcome so many hurdles in your life  BECAUSE you’re a woman, you can’t help but internalize your frustration. Call me a ‘Feminazi’, but in a world where people are constantly flip-flopping on their beliefs, it’s refreshing to find people who have ideas that they stick to. So, to look back at my question, society is scared of strong women because society itself is weak. Our society has led us to the point where, people are actually still discussing whether the nation would sink under the rule of a female president. It has led us to the point where we need to hold banners reading “Black Lives Matter”, because for some God forsaken reason, people still don’t comprehend that racial oppression still exists, that Black children are shot dead while walking home, that overall, ‘racial profiling’ is an actual real world problem. All these factors, to me, highlight the many weaknesses of our society.

And that is why I choose to hold strong opinions. Because, even if you decide to keep your eyes shut, you can’t run away from the fact that we still have a long way to go in eradicating the very characteristics that make our society weak.


3 thoughts on “Why is society scared of strong, opinionated women?

  1. wiggybird says:

    Love this post. I agree that we still live in a white man’s world. This election cycle should more than prove that. Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has become an actual candidate for President, largely due to his support from white males in this country. If a woman had ever done the things that he has done or said the things that he has said, she would have been disqualified on principle.

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  2. wachelwivers says:

    I respect your strong opinions, and agree that society definitely has an issue with opinionated women. Feminist is used as an insult and treated as a dirty word that many women, especially younger women, feel they can’t be associated with or else they will loose approval and acceptance among their male peers. Mention your a feminist and men feel instantly attacked and provoked. If they encounter an in charge women she’s treated as a bossy bitch. Either way they act as if an opinionated woman is a direct attack on their masculinity for some reason. (Not all men obviously, but a majority which isn’t okay).

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