Women in Media: Brief Research Insights

  • kerry-washington-essence-nov-cover-228x300This website from Westminister College addresses the fact that, due to the media, women have internalized the beauty standard and strive to be whatever the media shows them. As the modeling theory suggests, we behave and want to be what we see in the media. If we see beautiful, skinny and curvy women on TV shows, as a woman I will strive to look like that and men will strive to be with someone who looks like that. This specific website is interesting as it talks about the psychology of women’s minds and the theories applied to our way of thinking.

Source: Westminister College 

  • This particular source from Forbes discusses the many issues in how women are portrayed in the media today. Author Kathy Caprino states, “you’ll be as stunned as I am at dichotomy between what we are saying is possible for women today..vs.how women are actually being depicted in the media”. She also introduces new steps that are being taken to eradicate this negative portrayal and gender gap in the media, such as The Empowerment Project 

Source: Forbes 

  • This source, The Objectification and Dismemberment of Women in the Media, talks about the sexualized advertisements we are exposed to everyday and the consequences of the industry’s actions. Greening talks about the prevalence and implications of objectification in the media, showing examples of objectification and dismemberment in the media.

Source: Capital University 

  • Many of us may have come to terms with the fact that women are portrayed negatively in the media. This fact is recognized by many (but also denied by many others), however, we often tend to forget that women of color are less and more negatively represented than white women in the media. These sources use examples of how white women in the media are represented versus women of color.

Source: Washington Post & Bitch Media


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