Here’s Why I’m Pissed (& Why You Should Be Too):


Last week Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) proposed a bill for rapists to be released from prison if they married their victims. Currently, 4,000 inmates are convicted of rape.

That is literally proposing to legalize rape.

The bill is aimed at reducing the number of husbands sent to jail — leaving wives and children alone — by deferring sentencing for men who marry girls under age 18.

Here’s the “logic”: the Turkish government has a problem with the amount of husbands being sent to prison on accounts of rape. Instead of recognizing the fact that the country has a serious rape problem, they instead want rape victims (most of which are under age) to marry their rapists in order to lower their statistics. Girls and women suffer…for the sake of statistics…

Thankfully, three days ago, Turkey withdrew the proposal after crowds of women protested on the streets. So, technically, we shouldn’t be pissed, right? Wrong. 

I’m pissed and here’s why:

I’m pissed because, once again, girls and women are sacrificed for the sake of men.

How can we allow for a bill like this to be proposed in the first place? How are we not questioning Banal Yildirimsent’s (the Turkish Prime Minister who proposed the bill) judgements?

The main question here is, with a country facing vast political difficulties as a result of failed policies, WHY is the government going out of its way to figure out how to defer sentences for child rapists? Is the AKP party bored of brainstorming tactics to combat the Islamic State? Or is the proposal of this bill only the beginning of Turkey’s neo-conservative nation?

Unfortunately-and I say this with regret-I feel as though Turkey is starting to ‘revamp’ the fabric of its society, hoping to turn it into an Islamic (and perhaps authoritarian?) nation. While the main issue here is the bill, its not exactly the bill itself that poses a threat, it’s the idea that this specific bill was even thought of in the first place that raises a major red flag.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the bill!


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