Haters Gonna Hate…

I’ve been receiving a lot of hate comments regarding my blog. Apparently, standing up for a cause you truly believe in can offend thousands of people out there (shocker). So, because I’m quite disgusted by some of the (anonymous) comments I’ve been receiving, I thought I would share some of them with you and see what you think:

“What you believe for and fight for is not only an illusion…it’s simply wrong to begin with.”

“Aw, feminist trying to justify and rationalize her feminist views…how cute”

“Bitch, I don’t even have to say anything. TRUMP WON”

I want people to know that I did not create this blog to comply with my haters’ comments and suggestions. This is an open space I created to share my thoughts, criticize actions I disagree with, and suggest ideas that empower the feminist movement. I am not trying to push my opinions onto anyone, nor do I expect anyone to agree with everything I have to say. By creating this blog, I want to discuss gender discrimination and violence against women worldwide to ultimately argue that, in order to reach full equality of all genders, we NEED TO FIRST ADDRESS these issues. NOT turning a blind eye to the many women who suffer from domestic violence, mental and physical abuse, sexual harassment, etc. in the hands of others.

I’m not here to satisfy my readers by downplaying my beliefs and values as a feminist. I’m also not here to force you to believe in the things I have to say. I’m here because I think in order to create change, you need to first create a platform where that change can be discussed. I want everyone to join me in discussing identity, privilege, and systemic oppression.

With the current political and social changes happening internationally, I’m not surprised that hate has prevailed. Bullies are and always will be out there, trying to hold onto that one tiny strand of your vulnerability, hoping to discourage and intimidate you. But here’s a newsflash: You cannot and definitely will not silence the millions of feminists out there who are fighting for a cause that aims to put an end to gender bias and strives for the equality of all individuals living on this planet.

With Love,

Feminist With Attitude

P.S. I chose the GIF above because it accurately reflects my emotions and also because Snow White looks like me doing the Kurdish dance.


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