Women’s March: The Future is Female

I just wanted to share some long overdue photos from the Women’s March in DC with you all. It was such an incredible turnout. D.C. was filled with like-minded, loving, kind individuals that came together to have their voices heard.

16142863_10210577291602158_1612845706469720719_n.jpgGetting to the city that day took me about two and a half hours with the metro system filled with hundreds of individuals at each station.




Whether you were a woman, a man, gay, white, black, or a unicorn, the Women’s March brought together people from all walks of life to march for their basic human rights. To me personally, the March wasn’t about hate, nor was it about opposing a certain individual accused of denigrating the dignity of women.



This March to me was a sign that female power and female unity still exist. All the barriers our female ancestors faced and overcame were not for nothing. Misogyny is still a real threat to many of us and as women, we need to stand up together to have our core values respected and protected. Only we can positively influence our future by not allowing hate to prevail, but rather, to stand together in solidarity and fight for our fundamental rights as humans on this planet.

With that said, if there’s one thing the Women’s March proved to the entire world, it’s that…



Comments? Please share, I’d love to hear!


Feminist with Attitude



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